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Blender Multiple File Output

I’m trying to get Deadline to properly output multiple separate files as shown in the screenshot below.
This works great locally, but submitting this through deadline freezes the client, or at least makes the blender renderer not start. No errors shows up in either blender or Deadline.

We are running Blender 3.6 LTS Stable release on all machines, and Deadline version 10.2

Has anyone experienced this, or know of a workaround solution?
We would rather not export multilayer EXRs, and prefer to get multiple separate single layer EXRs due to performance reasons.

Interesting that it hangs through Deadline - I wonder if Blender’s not happy about how we’re calling it.

Do the jobs create task reports, or does it never start up? My thinking is that if you do get task reports you could pull the line starting with Full Command: to get the command the Worker is running to see if there’s also a hang outside the Worker, but with the same flags Deadline uses.

If not, could you make a simple example blender file that we could try out?



We have narrowed it down to a specific project file, and some issues with denoising in combination with this setup, so in the end this was not a Deadline-related issue at all.

Thank you for getting back to us!

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