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Blender submitt scenes

In blender you can have multiple scenes each with different rendersettings etc all in one blender file so they all share assets.

When rendering with deadline only the first scene is rendered not the scene you submitt from

right now the worksround is to save the scene as seperate blend files just for submitting to deadline .

Having the option to select which scene is submitted , or even better multiple scenes would be appreciated !

Thanks for raising this, I believe this would be a feature request for the Blender Plugin. As I researched it is possible to pass the scenes to render to Blender executable as an argument “-S” and maybe pass this with multiple scene. Did you give a doing this outside Deadline and were you able to succeed on this?

I just wanted to make sure that we can run it with Blender.exe as a commandline render and we can patch the plugin for this. Below is the bpy script we can run on the Blender console to print out different scene in the blend file. Open Blender and click on the scripting tab, run the below command on the Blender’s python console:

>>> scenes =
>>> for scene in scenes: print(

The above should print out the scene names for Blender. Now we will try render these two scenes together with Blender.exe on a command prompt:

"C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 3.3\blender.exe" -b "%Path/To/.blend%" -P "" -S "Scene" -S "Scene.001" -t 0 -x 1 -o "%Path/To/output/Directory/.png####.png%" -s 0 -e 0 -a

Do let us know how it goes.

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Yes this does work i have to try that specific command but seperating them with -S does work fine to batch render multiple scenes locally, one does not have to specify the output directory in the command however as every scene has their own render target.

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