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Bugs in webservice and repository installer

Hi. We have been using deadline since version 2.0, but it has been a while since we were stuck at version (it worked fine for our needs). Lately we have been playing around with versions 10.1.20+, and we have detected several bugs with features that working before without problems.

  • First would be on repository installation. We use user/pass authenticated mongo databases, and now if we do a fresh install of the 10.1.20 repository, it installs properly and uses the credentials fine when installing with the command line. But once it installs, we have seen the “connection.ini” file is lacking the user and password for the database! Those fields are simply empty, so any machine trying to access the database fails to access (it gives an error stating that authentication is configured but no user/pass were provided). If we update to 10.1.20 from 10.1.9, where the connection.ini was properly populated, then it all works fine. So the bug is that newer versions of deadline repository installer do not fill in the connection.ini properly when user authenticates databases are used (we have checked that also occurs in
  • Second detected bug is on the webservice, when “Require Authentication” is configured in the repository. If we enable authentication, clients can’t connect to the webservice, they get a “401” error.
  • Third problem is also on the webservice. While it runs properly when deadline is running as a service, after some time we get more and more “deadlinewebservice.exe” processes. And they don’t stop until they fill in the memory of the machine. So to say, the webservice process replicates itself until it breaks the VM where it is running

Hope that helps.

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