Build for Maya 2016?


Is there a release date for Krakatoa MY for Maya 2016? I’m trying to anticipate pipeline rollout for all registered plugins at the facility.



Hi Mike,

Our lead Krakatoa developer is away on a conference this week, he will be back next Monday, then we will have a clearer picture.
Sorry for the delay…


Thanks for the update.


Any news on this yet?


We made a change to KMX 2.4 to streamline mesh and property querying in Magma.
So we decided to port those changes to the Maya version, and it took a bit longer than expected.
We are building the installers for all 3 supported Operating Systems and are testing the builds, and that takes time too :frowning:


I hope to have it out this week!


Looking forward to it.Thanks.


The Maya 2016 builds are complete! You’ll need to get an updated license. Instructions are here: