Build Number


Is there a way to identify the current build number for XMesh installed? I don’t see it as a Windows Reg key.


Which host application are you using? 3ds Max, Maya, or Nuke?


Max. But I’m wanting to run it on slave-startup.


I’d consider using the win32 GetFileVersionInfo() function.

In Deadline’s Python, with .NET available:

from System.Diagnostics import * version_string = FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo(r"C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\XMeshLoader MX\3dsMax2018\x64\XMeshLoader.dlo").FileVersion
Or using Python with pywin32 installed:

import win32api version_info = win32api.GetFileVersionInfo(r"C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\XMeshLoader MX\3dsMax2018\x64\XMeshLoader.dlo", '\\') major = version_info['FileVersionMS'] / 65536 minor = version_info['FileVersionMS'] % 65536
Does that work for you?


Deadline Python works for me. Thanks.

shell> powershell “(Get-Item ‘C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\XMeshLoader MX\3dsMax2018\x64\XMeshLoader.dlo’).VersionInfo.ProductVersion”