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C4D submission plugin stored parameters

Has anyone gotten the C4D DL submitter to store its values in the .c4d file? From what I can tell, when the submission dialog is created at startup it loads its last-used values from C:/Users/<me>/AppData/Local/Thinkbox/Deadline10/settings/c4d_py_submission.ini
Ergo if I switch to a different .c4d file and launch DL, I get the same settings. This seems a bit counter-intuitive. Any solutions? Or am I doing something wrong?

Hello @antoinedurr

Thanks for reaching out. The settings are set sticky at the time of submission of a job and stored in C:/Users/<me>/AppData/Local/Thinkbox/Deadline10/settings/c4d_py_submission.ini then they are read by the submission script:

DeadlineRepository/submission/Cinema4D/Main/ by this line:
self.ConfigFile = os.path.join( self.DeadlineSettings, "c4d_py_submission.ini" )

First make a backup of " " then try commenting this line out if you do not want to remove those sticky settings. I think it is there for other settings like pools/groups/priority/machine limit etc.

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