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Camera offset

In Cinema 4D, there is an option very usefull on an simple camera settings, the Film Offset in X or Y.

It’s very usefull for camera mapping for exemple but after some attemps, I think Krakatoa for cinema 4D did not reconize the offset.

If I create a scene with a camera (film offset Y to 50%) for exemple, the result in the render is to have particles like a camera with film offset Y to 0%. And my particles didn’t have the corect position in my final result.

I’m true or I do something wrong? If you have any suggestion to resolve that… (maybe wait an update :unamused: )

(I use the last version of Cinema 4D R15 on OSX)
Thanks, and sorry for my bad english.


The Film Offset is currently not supported in CINEMA 4D.

We have logged a Wish against this on our Wishlist and will see if we can do something about it in the future.
Thank you very much for your feedback!

Thank you very much for your update 2.3.2 with this feature!!!

All the best,

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