Can Krak render fluids?


Maybe an elementary question… I’ve got a stream of fluid x-particles in a channel (like a small river). Can Krak render the particles/flow as a water stream? In other words, doing it with x-particles would entail adding a skinner, adding a water shader and rendering. Does Krak ONLY render points?

Any enlightenment gratefully received.


Some people render some components of the fluid as Krakatoa particles (e.g. foam), and composite it over a skinned (meshed) version of the fluid.

In the following video, Thinkbox Frost (our own particle skinner, currently only for 3ds Max) was used to mesh the particles and render in a raytracer (mental ray), and then Krakatoa was used to render the particles for the “white water” effect:
YouTube is full of similar examples.

And here is a fluid simulation which is 100% Krakatoa rendering, since pure whitewater was the goal:

So you understood correctly, Krakatoa renders only particles as points or voxels, it does not facilitate particle meshing (skinning) and does not support rendering of meshes as such…



Thank you for your prompt reply and clarification.

I’ll study the examples you linked.