Cancelling DoF and MB

Hehe… We’re working on a Fusion implementation of SR, and by it’s nature, the instant that one frame is finished rendering, it hops onto another frame; sometimes you get 4 or more frames rendering at once, and that’s just for one Krakatoa render instance in the flow. A normal composite might have 4 or more.

Anyway… If you have MB or DoF enabled, you have to catch the render between when it is finished but before it gets to the MB or DoF if you are to cancel. If you enable BOTH DoF and MB, you have a situation where you aren’t likely to be able to cancel the render until all of the frames are finished. :slight_smile:

So it would be nice if we could get more checks for cancellation.

I’ll go in and see how the cancel checks can be improved.

For N-pass motion blur, the cancel checks should be the same as rendering the same N times. Are you not seeing that?

Is it mainly the depth of field that’s making it difficult to cancel? I will examine what is happening during heavy DOF renders.

I’ll double check the MB only case.

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