can't find or load Qt platform plugin "windows"


When I’m trying to run any Deadline application (Slave, Launcher, Monitor or etc.), I’m getting the following error:


I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Deadline Client couple of times but nothing changed. Anyone knows what might be causing this?


Check “C:\Windows\System32” for files starting with Qt and ended in “dll” and move them somewhere safe, then try starting Deadline again.

Some apps throw Qt in there and it breaks everyone else who’s using a different version.

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It was exactly caused because of that!

Thanks a lot!!

Okay, that probably broke something else. When you find out, can you let me know? We should talk to them about getting those DLLs somewhere safer.

Hi @eamsler,

I have the same problem, but I can’t find any QT files in system32 folder…
Can you help me?


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If you’re on Deadline 10.0 and up, search your entire system for “Qt5Core.dll”. The tricky thing with Windows is how it searches for libraries to load. Here’s the process Windows takes but it’s fairly technical:

If you do find QtCore5.dll somewhere that would be system-wide (usually under “C:\Windows” somewhere) try and figure out which app installed it and remove it. I expected if you just deleted the Qt files whatever application depended on it will stop working.