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Can't I get the signal from the render log and run the code?

Can’t I get the signal from the render log and run the code?

I’m not sure what you mean by signal in this case - if you want to run Nuke how Deadline does, check in the task report for a line that starts with “Full Command”, and that’s how we run it.

The only issue is if you’ve submitted your Nuke job with the batch plugin we pass a script to Nuke and leave Nuke open between frames. That’s not as easy to re-create.

I want each worker to know the RAM usage at the end of each task, and with this, I want to adjust the number of concurrent tasks at the end of each task.

So far, the way I’ve found it is that if I add the code to this part of “def RenderTasks(self):” on in the repository plug-in folder, it can work after the task is over.

The problem here is I can’t find a way to get each worker’s RAM usage. Can you help?

I would like to inform you that something has been done.

“def RenderTasks(self):”
I wrote a function at the end and made it work when each task rendering was finished

def SetConcurrentTask(self):
    salveinfo = RepositoryUtils.GetSlaveInfo(self.GetSlaveName(), True)
    task = self.GetCurrentTask()
    self.LogInfo('TaskAverageRamPercentage' + task.TaskPercentToString(task.TaskAverageRamPercentage))

The other problem is that TaskAverageRamPercentage returns only 0%

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