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Can't install Deadline RCS on linux

I’m trying to install RCS on our linux machine. It’s running LinuxMint 21 (based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS). I could install the repository and the client without any problem but when I try to install the RCS I’m getting an error after I have selected the Database TLS Certificate. This is the error I’m getting:

Warning: Error running /tmp/clientinstalltemp/deadlinecommand.exe 
RunCommandForRepository Direct 
ne10Client.pfx" IsSecretsManagementEnabled: child process exited abnormally

It looks like it’s trying to run a .exe file on linux? I checked the folder and there is a lot of .exe and .dll files in there.

I also tried this with and it gives me the same problem.

I tried a clean install but this time without the secrets management and the installation now worked as expected

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