Change database IP for server and slaves?


Recently the License server computer had to be moved and changed IP’s.

I have tried editing the config.conf file and the deadline.ini file but to no effect. When I try to start up the license server, I see the database cannot connect to the server because it is still looking for the old IP. The error given is timed out and “could not connect because the target computer has actively denied the connection” I have already checked the sharing settings, which are fine, and I’m convinced that it is indeed the IP number as I can see the old one being referenced in the error message. Is there a way I can change that without having to uninstall/reinstall everything? I really would like to keep the database. Thanks in advance!


It’ s not ideal, but i have fixed some Remote Connection Server issues by uninstalling and re-installing Deadline Client (& RCS) on the host machine. Hope you get a better answer from someone else!