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Change the naming scheme for Job ID possible?

Is it possible to have Deadline create job id’s in a sequential numeric system.
Meaning the first ever job that is created starts with 1 and then it increments per new job.

Is this possible?

Afraid not.
What are you looking to do with Job IDs where making them predictable would be helpful? There might be another way to do what you’re doing.

In our previous render managing software it had render job ids sequentially so internally in our communications we only referred to jobs with their ids.
It makes filtering easier and it easier to refer to jobs rather than their whole long names easier.

Oh fair, our IDs are just the MongoDB object IDs so they’re really not people friendly.

You could create an Event Plugin that sets a job ID in an extra info field. The issue would be tracking what number to apply to each job, since the event plugins don’t have a persistent data store you could put the next ID number into.

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