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channel texture tag anyone?

hi folks.
the channel texture tag sounds very interesting, stil i cant get any interesting stuff out of it, simply because i think i dont really know what t do with it to get something intersting.
does anyone have example files/images/wips laying aorund showing the use of it?
very interested…

Hey Fuat,

I think, and this is also mentioned in the documents section, this tag enables mapping textures, noises etc onto particle channels, one case of the practical usage would be the camera mapped texturing of some object mapped onto a dissolving particles cloud.

Bobo describes some cases here:



To add:

The Channel Texture Tag is simply a bridge between the CINEMA 4D textures and the Krakatoa data channels. So what you can do with it depends directly on what the CINEMA 4D texture needs as input and can produce as output.

In the simplest case, a texture requires information about how to map a texel to a point of an object. For example, UV coordinates that define where a texel should go. Or an object space 3D point, or world space 3D point. That’s the Inputs part.
Then there is the Output part - a texture usually produces at least RGB information, and by default it would go to the Color channel of Krakatoa. But you might want to use the RGB to produce self-illumination, so setting the RGB output to go to the Emission channel would be one option. Some textures might produce Opacity/Transparency information that could be useful as Density, but could be rerouted to a different channel. In some cases it might also have access to normal, displacement etc. info, and since Krakatoa does not always know what to do with that data, the Tag gives you a way to define where to send that data in case you need it.

Obviously, I am not a CINEMA 4D guru, so I could be missing some obvious cool tricks one could do with textures married to the Krakatoa channels system. We simply exposed the texture input and output channels available through the CINEMA 4D SDK, and let you remap them to whatever is available in Krakatoa. The rest is up to you, go on and surprise us! :slight_smile:

thank you Daniel and Bobo!

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