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Check department in plugin script

I’m trying to edit a Husk plugin for deadline.
This one : GitHub - DavidTree/HuskStandaloneSubmitter: Standalone Render submitter for Houdini Husk 18.5+

I can see there is some if statements with “GetPluginInfoEntry”
Like this : if self.GetPluginInfoEntry(“OutImage”) != “”:
Im trying to do something similar but to check if the deparment is equal to “print”.

if self.GetJobInfoEntry(“department”) == “print”:

        argument += "--tile-count 4 4" + " "

        argument += "--tile-index {} ".format(frameNumber)

The arguments works but not with the if statement, I have also tried with self.GetSubmitInfoEntry.

Just want to be able to write print in the department when I submit to make a tiled render with Husk.

I would not be able to check the Husk Submitter and fix it. But I can explain How the “GetJobInfoEntry” API works and what could be possibly missing that is causing the if statement to fail.

GetJobInfoEntry() will get the value of the Job Property with the given name from the job. But you would need to make sure that there is a “department” key and its value is set in the job object. If the key, value is not set on the job, it will failed if statement. To check you can go to see the job info file under submission params.

These flags are written by the submitter while submitting the job, check the submitter code to see if it is writing the Department key and value in the job info file.

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