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Cinema4D 2023 Support

Hi All,

Maxon released the latest version Cinema4D the other day, it’s not called R27 or S27 but 2023, so a different entry in the plugin menu

C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D 2023

To test this I’ve added the following to the param file in the c4d and c4dbatch plugin


Label=C4D 2023 Executable
Category=Render Executables
Default=C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D 2023\Commandline.exe;/Applications/MAXON CINEMA 4D 2023/;C:\Program Files\Maxon CINEMA 4D 2023\CINEMA 4D.exe;/Applications/MAXON CINEMA 4D 2023/CINEMA 4D;
Description=The path to the Cinema 4D executable file used for rendering. Enter alternative paths on separate lines.

Create the plugins folder in Cinema4D
C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D 2023\plugins

Then manually copy the submission script across from

This is working for me on basic jobs, don’t forget to license the commandline.exe


Hey! Thank you for this.

I’ve implemented this and it is working using submission from C4D, but if I submit directly through deadline the option for 2023 in the version dropdown is missing. Does that use a different script?

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yes, modify this script here

open up in text editor and search SUPPORTED_VERSIONS, you’ll need to update the following line (it’s line 30 for me)

SUPPORTED_VERSIONS = ["12", "13", "14", "15", "16", "17", "18", "19", "20", "21", "22", "23", "24", "25", "26"]

and add the version on the end

SUPPORTED_VERSIONS = ["12", "13", "14", "15", "16", "17", "18", "19", "20", "21", "22", "23", "24", "25", "26", "2023"]

This should really be put in the custom folder, but hopefully the next release will include 2023 support, else if you upgrade you’ll lose this modification

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Fantastic, that’s worked. Thank you.

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I’m still getting an error - “Deadline was unable to find the plugin configuration option ‘C4D_2023_RenderExecutable’ for the selected version of Cinema 4D 2023.”

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Did you modify both scripts?
Is 2023 installed at the location specified in the plugin configuration?


I have updated the patch for Cinema 4D 2023 plugin with unofficial support with Deadline and I hope it would work, but haven’t tested it myself. I am attaching the zip file here on the thread with the steps to install files:

Backup and Replace the files manually from the zip folder:

copy in

copy in

copy in 

You would need to install the submitter manually for Cinema 4d integrated submitter: (Cinema 4D — Deadline documentation) (11.5 KB)



Seems to be working, thank you very much!

This post is quite old now, is this still the only way to get C4D 2023 working in Deadline ? Is there an official release coming?


As of Deadline, Cinema 4D 2023 is still not officially support. Unforunately, I won’t be able to share the roadmap information. The unofficial patch is the workaround for now if you want to use Cinema 4D 2023 on the Deadline farm.
Look forward to Deadline release notes for future bug fixtures and feature releases: Release History — Deadline documentation

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