Combine multiple EXR's into single multichannel EXR

Is it possible to take multiple EXR files and combine them into a single EXR. Kind of like the reverse of this: … mages.html

Hi Rob,

Yes, it’s possible.

Say you have three EXR files corresponding to three layers : layer1.exr, layer2.exr and layer3.exr and one more EXR file that corresponds to your basic RGBA layer. You would like to combine them in one single EXR file. Let’s suppose each layer has channels R, G, B and A.

Basically, for each layer other than you basic RGBA layer, you will need to rename each channel (prepending the layer name to the channel name) and copy each channel, one by one, to your final image.

Specifically, the list of channels in your final image might look like that:

R, G, B, A, layer1.R, layer1.G, layer1.B, layer1.A, layer2.R, layer2.G, layer2.B, layer2.A, layer3.R, layer3.G, layer3.B, layer3.A

or follow any other scheme you would like.

Please, let me know if I understood what you want to do correctly. Also, don’t hesitate to ask if you need help to write your script.



Hi Julie,

Thanks for the quick reply. Your tips are very useful. I must admit, I do not have a lot of experience writing code for Draft so I will probably call back in at some point for pointers. :slight_smile:



Good to hear!

If you need help with your script at some point, I would suggest you open a ticket via so we can better assist you. That way, you can send us your script and we’ll be happy to help!

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Hi Rob,

This post might be of interest to you; … 58&t=12861


Thanks! I still have not started work on this, so this is very useful!