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Command Line Submission but instead of Frames pass json files as frames

We are using the Renderman denoise batch exe to denoise hundred’s of rendered frames.
The command line would look like the below:
denoise_batch.exe -j R20_shot_021_1038.json
denoise_batch.exe -j R20_shot_021_1039.json
denoise_batch.exe -j R20_shot_021_1040.json
denoise_batch.exe -j R20_shot_021_1041.json
and so on.

We have a single json file for each frame.
So instead of Deadline passing on the frame tag when submitting the job, is there a way to have a custom tag to add in place of the frame number in the json filename.

We can get a list of all the json files to process using some python code but what is the best way to have deadline distribute all the files to the farm?

Does this work?

At least as a zero-code solution :smiley:

This seems fair enough. I think it will work.
But let me add another layer of complexity.

With our existing render manager RenderPal we just drag and drop a bunch of Json files into the ui and then it will pass each json file path as an argument to the above exe.

The benefit of this method is that even if the file names for each json were different and groups of json files are located in different directories it would denoise all of the frames in one job.
With the solution you have shown if the file names were different for some of the json files it wouldn’t work.
This is not a show stopper but more complicated situation above makes life easier.

Ah yeah, you’ll have to build something yourself in that case. It’s possible to make your own submitter, and the Command Script submitter can take in an abstract list of files that you could use an example.

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