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Commandscript progress not updating

I’m running a windows batch commandscript job in deadline which will also print progress of task in required manner for deadline to check matching regex pattern. I can see progress printed in the stdout logs in realtime but the progressbar for the job is not updating. StdoutHandling also Ture in plugin script.

Hello @prabu_murugesan

Thanks for reaching out, I have tested this and seen the progress is not updating as expected though regex match is found related to Progress written by Standard Output, I am able to reproduce this for CommandScript Jobs, I will do further research and will provide updates on this!


Thanks! looking forward for the fix

Hello @Nreddy

Any update on this fix ??

This issue hasn’t been fixed yet, though if you enable ‘Execute in Shell’ progress reporting will work.

Looking forward to a fix for this pls. Thanks

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