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Hi there,

The idea behind it:

1 - Make low res sim and convert to high res sim using the power of magma script to control particle jittering and random position based on the velocity channel before partitioning ( viewtopic.php?f=22&t=11664
Basically I’ve exposed the two values that control the jittering amount and the value that affects particle position based on velocity channel. This way you can avoid going inside magma.

low2high_partitioning.max (296 KB)

The result of using this script, stoke and a lot of nights without sleeping :slight_smile: … =2&theater


cool! can we get a hi-res version for siggraph reel?


Great work! Is it all rendered with Krakatoa or did you export to FXD? That’s an insane amount of particles :slight_smile:.

Hi cb. I’ll talk with my boss about it. Talk to you soon and thanks for that opportunity.

Tobbeo, we’ve started to make low res sims with around 4.000.000 particles. Then we’ve converted it to around (first shot) with krakatoa and stoke. But since we had time issues to deliver job, we’ve ended with around 300.000.000 particles per shot. So, we’ve ended rendering particles with krakatoa, fume-fx with v-ray using nightly builds that literally saved our days and nights! Compositing was made with Flame.


I’m the only one who can’t download any attachment on this forum? I think migration from phbb killed it…

I can’t get it either. I’m checking to see if there’s some way to dig it up again.

Update: It looks like we pruned attachments a long while ago. I wonder if @romanus still has a valid e-mail set up in his account. :smiley:

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