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Corona 8 Support


I can’t say which release Corona 8 support will be added in, this is just patching in extra paths for Corona 8 executables. So beware this doesn’t support any new features if Corona 8 has upended how Deadline currently talks to it.

To use it backup these files and directories in case you need to revert these changes:

  1. DeadlineRepository10\plugins\Corona\
  2. DeadlineRepository10\plugins\CoronaDR\
  3. DeadlineRepository10\scripts\Submission\
  4. DeadlineRepository10\scripts\Submission\

Then copy the DeadlineRepository10 folder from the attached over your own repository folder to update the files. (19.6 KB)


Thanks Justin, I added in entries for Corona 8 on the previous scripts (and the 3ds max DR) and it worked ok, not sure if anything else has been added here. Grateful for all the plugin updates on the forum.

There’s nothing but updates for the Corona and CoronaDR plugins in there, just the .param updates you’re familiar with and adding 8 to the list of versions in the submitters.

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