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CPU Affinity for over > 64 cores

The CPU affinity on the Worker only has the option to limit to 64 cores,


Is there any way to override this now that machines are available with 256 cores and upwards?

Was hoping a text file written out somewhere like


If I try this command to set beyond the scope available
deadlinecommand -SetSlaveSetting WorkerNameHere SlaveCpuAffinity 4,5,7,8

Then it breaks the worker (I only have 8 cores on laptop, 0-7)

I’m not sure how Deadline interrogates the CPU, whether it queries one and bases it on cores rather than threads

I’ve also tried disabling SMT (AMD HyperThreading) now the cores/threads shows as 128/128 rather than 128/256. I deleted the deadline folders in localappdata and programdata but reconnected the system still only shows 64 cores

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