Creating certificates for Remote Connection Service

I was looking at the instructions on

But those instructions do not include details on how to create the certificate files for the remote connection service. It seems the steps are mostly the same, only you have to generate a PFX file for both the server and the client.

However, I am having issues with the password for the server’s PFX file, as there’s no obvious place in the installer to define the password. When I launch deadlinercs it gives me the error:
Main: Exception caught in main loop, exiting: An error occurred while trying to load the specified (C:\test\certs\deadline-repository.pfx) server certificate: The specified network password is not correct. (Deadline.Configuration.DeadlineConfigException)

If I generate the certificates using the installer, then use openssl pkcs12 -info -in deadline-repository.pfx it does prompt for a password, however it doesn’t accept the password I used for the client certificate. Thus what password does deadlinercs use for its server certificate, and where is that configured?

On an unrelated note, the SSL instructions are missing several steps such as combining the certificate and key files into a single file, and the ssl_gen tool doesn’t encrypt the PEM encoded private key when using --client --passphrase.