Creeate custom graphs for graph view

The graph view gives information in a way that is practical and easy to digest to people that are not very technical.
Running Deadline 8, whenever I need to show somebody a quick comparison of the tasks their job is running for memory usage or time or size, that really makes it easier to explain to explain an abstract concept visually.

There’s so much information on a a job’s properties that could be explored further with the use of graphs, however i don’t seem to find a way or documentation on how to create my own graph templates.

for instance; I would like to create a variation of the Task Time but replace the X value of the graph ( Task number) for that of Frames. Would like to be able to refer directly to the frame number on the graph instead of the task value it corresponds to. While usually tasks and frames when on single frames per task they follow a similar progression or order, this is not true when rendering out of order (as when using a Advanced Frame Lists, perhaps i’m rendering evens first, then odds or backwards) but would still like the information to be shown on a sequential order.

Other instance of this would be a variation of the Task State pie chart, but instead of Task status, use the name of the slave that rendered it. That way one could look at which slaves contributed the most to the job.

Is this something that can be modified ?
how can i make something like this?

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