Cull particles using the percent amount of the PRT loader

Hello again,

maybe I have a weird question but it would be really helpfull if someone can help me.

I have a static PRT particle form where I have culled particles using the “Load First N Particles”. For example using 15% gives me a beatifull shape to work with. The only limit is that it only goes from 0 to 15%. I really like to cull the particles the same way only for example from 25% to 35%. Or 75% to 100%. I understand that this is not possble with the build in PRT loader. So I presume you can do this with a Magma setup and the Delete particles modifier.

I have made a couple of tests but I cant find the best setup in the Magma modifier. I hope someone can help me finding a solution for this problem. Maybe it is easier then I think.

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