Custom draft script - output is always mov?



I’m just fiddling around with draft scripts at the moment, but whenever I try to use a custom script or template script, all my outputs are .mov.

This is the script I am using at the moment, which should convert the exr file output to jpg.

import Draft
import os
from DraftParamParser import *

deadlineRepoPath = r"\piknas003\D10" #Deadline repository
jobProps = GetDeadlineJobProperties( deadlineRepoPath, deadlineJobID )
outputFiles = []
frameList = FrameRangeToFrames(jobProps[“FramesList”])
for i in range( 0, len( jobProps[“OutputDirectories”] ) ):
fullFileName = os.path.join( jobProps[“OutputDirectories”][i], jobProps[“OutputFileNames”][i] )
outputFiles.append( fullFileName )
for i in range( 0, len(outputFiles)):
if (os.path.splitext(outputFiles[i]))[1] == “.exr”:
for frameNumber in frameList:
inFile = ReplaceFilenameHashesWithNumber( outputFiles[i], frameNumber )
outFile = (os.path.splitext(inFile))[0] + “.jpg”
img = Draft.Image.ReadFromFile( inFile )
lut = Draft.LUT.CreateSRGB()
lut.Apply( img )
img.WriteToFile( outFile )

Any ideas why it is ignoring the jpg fileoutput?