Custom Draft submitter from dl7 to dl8


I`m testing our pipeline tools from dl7 in dl8 since we are planing to use it and everything works fine just our draft submitter wasnt submitting draft job after sending the version to SG.Just want to say the fix is rather simple :

writer.WriteLine( “Plugin=Draft” )–> dl7
writer.WriteLine( “Plugin=DraftPlugin” )–> dl8

Just posting in case someone have problem with custom draft submitter while changing dl versions ^_^.

Best wishes.

Veselin Georgiev Gyurov.

Hi there,

Thank you very much for sharing your fix, this is very nice of you!

I would like to make sure I understand correctly… You did change that line in your own custom script, not in any script that ships with Deadline 8, am I right?



Yes :>.The Draft script that is shiping with dl8 works ok,but if you try the same script from dl7 didnt work :>.

Thanks for your reply!

Have a great day,


No worries :>.

FYI. An FAQ has now been added to the Deadline-Draft submitter docs to highlight this small change for others in the future.

thanks for the FAQ Mike, will make things a bit easier for us here! :smiley: