Custom multicam submitter not saving all vray raw outputs when using DBR


I have a custom submitter which submits multiple selected cameras (in order of selection) whilst only saving the Max scene once (big time saver!).
It saves out a jpg via the standard Max output + EXR via the Vray RAW output.
(setup: Max 2019 + Vray Next update3 + Deadline 10.1)

When using Vray distributed rendering (DBR) I get an EXR saved only for the first camera sent. (all Jpgs save fine)
Without DBR, all JPGs and EXRs save fine.

General code structure:

fn SubmitToDeadline DoSaveMaxScene =
	Apply all SMTDSettings as required……..
	ActvCAM = GetActiveCamName()

	maxFileToSubmit = SMTDPaths.tempdir + maxFileName
	if DoSaveMaxScene do (SMTDFunctions.SaveMaxFileCopy maxFileToSubmit)

	local SubmitInfoFile = SMTDPaths.tempdir + "\\max_submit_info_" + ActvCAM + ".job "
	local JobInfoFile = SMTDPaths.tempdir + "\\max_job_info_" + ActvCAM + ".job"
	SMTDFunctions.CreateSubmitInfoFile SubmitInfoFile 
	SMTDFunctions.CreateJobInfoFile JobInfoFile

	local initialArgs="\""+SubmitInfoFile+"\" \""+JobInfoFile+"\" \""+maxFileToSubmit+"\" "
	local result = SMTDFunctions.waitForCommandToComplete initialArgs SMTDSettings.TimeoutSubmission

For c = 1 to camlist.count do
	viewport.setCamera camlist[c]
	completeRedraw()	--helps user feedback whilst submitting
	ApplyPaths()   --checks all folder paths exist + builds path strings + apply paths
	SubmitToDeadline (c == 1)   -- c==1 is true only once, for the first cam submitted 

Any help much appreciated!