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Custom plugin + linux = cant access files


I’ve written custom plugin for deadling & it works great on windows.
But on linux I hit a wall.
I keep getting “access denied” when I try to access file.

My current debug looks like this :

        templatePath = "-1"
        for entry in self.GetAuxiliaryFilenames():
            templatePath = str(entry)

        templatePath = self.remapPaths(templatePath)
        dirname = os.path.dirname(templatePath)
        isFile = os.path.isfile(templatePath)

The problem here is that isFile is false. Even tho I can pause debug session, run another pythom script(standalone) and check the path/file/access etc.

Its as if the deadline plugin runs under some different user than sudo/root/whatever and cant acces it.

remapPaths does not do anything here.

How can I debug this? I’m running out of ideas. It make no sense.

So, which user is the Deadline client running as? It is normal to run it as a special service user, to limit its scope. You can find it with ps aux | grep deadline (not sure about the name of the service right now).
What are the permissions of templatePath?
Could you give an example of what templatePath looks like before and after remapPaths?

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check the user has permissions to /var/lib/Thinkbox

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