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Database connection to MongoDB Atlas

Hi, I’d like to connect Deadline to MongoDB Atlas ( rather than have to host my own deadline database. So far I have:

  • Run the installer
  • When requested (MongoDB Database Settings) added in one of the hosts of the cluster (
    • Set the port to 27017, added in the replicaset name (atlas-XXXXX-shard-0)
    • Selected “Yes” for TLS encryption and "Use certificate for DB user auth)
    • In Atlas itself created a user which is authenticated through a certificate and downloaded that certificate (a PEM file with cert and private key in it) and put
      it in the “Client Certificate” box in the installer

Unfortunately I get “Error encountered when trying to load the x509 certificate: Could not find a certificate with a matching private key in the specified container”

Any ideas on what I need to do to resolve this?


2 years later:) Did you succeed?:slight_smile: We are now struggling with something similar, but we got past the X509 issue (use .pfx file). However still can’t make repository communicate with the Atlas cluster during the installation :frowning:

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