Deadline 10 SecondaryPool=none not working


I use SecondaryPool=none to make sure any slave can render any job.
Since updating to deadline 10, trying to submit with this option ends up with an empty secondary pool. I tried submitting with a job_info file, and directly with SubmitCommandLineJob, same result. If I set another secondaryPool (anim, bg, etc) it does work, so I think the syntax is correct.

This works (deadline 9)
"C:/Program Files/Thinkbox/Deadline9/bin/deadlinecommand.exe" -SubmitCommandLineJob -executable "toto" -name "toto" -prop SecondaryPool=none

This does not work (Deadline 10)
"C:/Program Files/Thinkbox/Deadline10/bin/deadlinecommand.exe" -SubmitCommandLineJob -executable "toto" -name "toto" -prop SecondaryPool=none

I created a support ticket already, will update depending on where I get an answer first :slight_smile:

Support submitted a ticket to Devs, apparently it is a bug.