Deadline 10 Slave and Launcher not finding repository and database


Hi guys,

I’m having issues to establish the network connection between the repo, the certificate files and the launcher and slave apps using Deadline 10 (Deadline Monitor app works fine). I think I might have an issue with the SSL but haven’t found a solution for now.

If I go to the logs, I see both apps are not being able to read repo and SSL certificate files. However, I have them mapped on my windows (windows 7) browser and I can read them. Also, Deadline Monitor is reading them at start up and working fine.
I attach at the end of the message the logs from launcher, slave and also the deadline. ini files let’s see if anyone more experienced can see what I’m doing wrong.

Any help on fixing this will be much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance,



Is the Launcher running as a service? If so, it could be that the service user either doesn’t have credentials for that share (Slave log) or that the service user won’t have a “Z:” drive.

This is a fairly common problem. For the certs, I’d recommend copying it locally to the client machines and lock down the permissions there if you can. Depending on the permissions on the “Z:” drive, it may not be worth have certificates as it might be that anyone has access to copy the private files anyway.