Deadline C4D R21 - Licensing Not Recognized


Recently my team made the jump to RLM licensing for C4D R21 and onward. From a user and artist standpoint, everything has been opening and running great on that end.

However, on the render node side of our environment, our users have been dealing with issues submitting jobs via Deadline 10 from C4D R21. I took a deeper look, and Deadline seems to be hanging up at the launching stage of the C4D render clients, prompting for licensing information to be provided….Does the C4D render nodes require a license for operation? I was under the impression that the new RLM licensing does not require this.

This may also be something on the Deadline side of things as well. Have you heard reports from other environments using Deadline having this same issue with R21. We did migrate our deadline services from a local box to a VM environment, I’m wondering if that could also be an issue.

Anybody have any thoughts on this particular instance? I’m up a creek on this.

  • Dan

Hey Dan,

The way to do this automatically is covered by Andy in this forum thread I’ve linked. That might get you going, let us know if it doesn’t!