Deadline Feature Blog - At A Glance! (Updated April 6, 2018)


In case you missed any, below you will find a categorized, at-a-glance list of Feature Blog articles. Enjoy!


To Affinity And Beyond: How to configure Deadline’s affinity settings for CPU and GPU. [8.0, 9.0]
Advanced Database Features: Replication and Sharding: Configuring the database for increased robustness and performance of the farm. [9.0]
Deadline Database Backup Strategy: How to set up both one-time and automatic Deadline database backups. [7.0, 8.0, 9.0]
Looking for Work - Prepping Your Farm for Job Submission: Types of Job Submitters and how to install them. [8.0]
Manually Manipulating MongoDB M…Minstallations?: Manually installing and configuring MongoDB.
Running Deadline in Containers - Part 2: How to run Deadline on Docker. [8.0]
Running Deadline in Containers - Part 1: How to run Deadline on Docker. [8.0]
Getting to the Cloud: A Primer: Using Deadline on the cloud. [8.0]
Limited Resources: Managing resources with Limits. [8.0]
Installing Deadline from the Command Line: How to install Deadline from the command line. [8.0]
Side-by-side Upgrade: Not As Scary As It Sounds!: Deploying Deadline 8 along-side prior versions. [8.0]
To Upgrade or not to Upgrade?: Using Deadline’s auto-update system. [8.0]
Deadline On Demand: Everything You Need to Know!: Setting up Usage Based Licensing. [8.0]
Traditional Floating vs Usage Based Licensing: An explanation of Usage Based Licensing. [8.0]

New! Licensing on AWS Portal: Learn about Usage Based Licensing and Bring Your Own Licensing. [10.0]
Render Node Performance Not Up To Snuff? Time for a Physical!: Using Deadline in conjunction with MAXON ® Cinebench ® to approximate individual render node performance. [9.0, 10.0]
Creating Limits Just Got Easier!: How to use License Limit and Resource Limit. [10.0]
Picking the Right AWS Instance Types for You, Part 2: Follow-up to Part 1 covering how to pick the right instance type. [10.0]
Picking the Right AWS Instance Types for You: Tips for selecting an AWS virtual machine hardware type. [10.0]
Dynamic Licensing: How to optimize licensing with Deadline’s new Dynamic Licensing Mode. [10.0]
Asset File Transfer, Caching, and Storage in AWS: New Deadline features for transferring assets to and from Amazon Web Services. [10.0]
Keeping It Clean: A look at Deadline’s Pending Job Scan, House Cleaning, and Repository Repair operations. [9.0]
Job Scheduling Order: Understanding and configuring how Deadline Slaves choose their Jobs. [9.0]
The Secondary Pool: How to make use of the Secondary Pool setting. [6.1, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0]
Staying Up to Date with Email Notifications: How to set up and use e-mail notifications. [7.0, 8.0, 9.0]
You Will Be Assimilated - An Auto-configuring Render Farm: How to use Deadline’s Auto Configuration feature to manage settings. [8.0]
Managing Your Farm Machines with Remote Control: Using the Remote Control feature to control Deadline applications and host machines. [8.0, 8.1]
I Get By with a Little Help from my… Thinkbox Support Team: How to best utilize Thinkbox Support.
Forge Your Own Path: Path Mapping Part 2: Path mapping assets, using regular expressions, and using Regions. [8.0]
Sandboxing: Answers to Questions You Didn’t Know You Had: Understanding Deadline Sandboxing. [8.0]
Redundancy Plans are Redundant: Adding failover to Deadline components. [8.0]
Auxiliary Files: The Basics: Basics of auxiliary files and how Deadline handles them. [8.0]
Zipped Up and RARing To Go - Exploring the Archives: Configuring automated job archival. [8.0]
Improving Performance in Deadline: Tuning Deadline for better performance. [7.2]
Customizing Script Menus - Clean Up Your Monitor!: How to organize the Script menus. [7.2, 8.0]
Zabbix Monitoring - How Busy Is Your Farm?: Pushing Deadline statistics into Zabbix. [8.0]
Power Management: It’s Not Just About Being Green: Deadline’s Power Management feature. [7.0]
Mapping It Out: Configuring Windows mapped drives. [6.2]
Concurrent Tasks vs. Multi-Slave Rendering: Using concurrent Tasks and multi-Slave rendering. [7.2, 8.0]
Groups, Pools & You: Assign Pools and Groups to Slaves. [7.2]
Web Service Got A Divorce, Enjoying Independence: Deadline’s recently-separated Web Service. [8.0]
Deadline’s Secret Weapon: Deadline’s command-line features. [7.2, 8.0]
Can I Render? Let Me Check My Schedule!: Specify when Slaves can and cannot process jobs. [7.2]
Deadline Finds Work for Idle Workstations: Using Deadline’s Idle Detection feature. [7.2]
Regulating Network Traffic with Slave Throttling: Limit the farm’s load on the file server. [7.2]
Path Mapping: The Basics: Fundamentals of Deadline’s Path Mapping feature. [7.2]

Securing the Remote Connection Server: How to secure communications between remote clients and the local farm. [10.0]
SSL and Deadline: How Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used in Deadline. [9.0, 10.0]
Locking Down Your Farm: Three major security features that have been added in Deadline 9 and 10. [9.0, 10.0]
The Pleasant and Pliable Proxy Panacea: Using Deadline’s Proxy Server. [8.0]
Locking Down the Render Farm: Limiting user access to Deadline features. [7.2]


Application Support
New! Post Processing and Project Management: Automatically create videos from rendered images and upload them for review. [10.0]
AWS Portal, In Action!: How to render with Maya and Arnold in AWS using Deadlne’s AWS Portal. [10.0]
Managing V-Ray Swarm Renders With Deadline: Leveraging the power of V-Ray Swarm with Deadline. [9.0, 10.0]
Maya To Arnold Export Workflow: Exporting a scene from Maya to be rendered in standalone Arnold. [9.0]
New Application Support in Deadline 9: Altus, Cinebench, Keyshot, Episode, Silhouette, Autopano Video, and Redshift Standalone. [9.0]
Asset Caching in Autodesk Maya using Deadline: Maya Local Asset Caching in Deadline 8.1. [8.1]
Power Tools - Autodesk 3ds Max: Deadline’s support for 3ds Max. [8.0]
Deadline and Cinema 4D: Deadline’s support for Cinema 4D. [8.0, 8.1]
V-Ray DBR: What does the B stand for?: Deadline’s support for V-Ray DBR. [6.2]
Distributing Microstation Workflows with Deadline: Deadline’s support for Microstation. [7.2]

Annotating the Draft Way: New Draft Annotation feature. [8.1]
Hungry for Draft? Here are the Top Ten Draft Cookbook Recipes!: Top 10 useful Draft functionalities. [8.0]
Spend Your Time Making Art, Not QuickTimes: An introduction to Deadline’s Quick Draft feature. [7.2, 8.0]

Jigsaw: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle: Rendering frames in smaller pieces with Jigsaw. [7.2, 8.0]

The Final Deletion: How to un-delete a Job, and how Deadline manages deleted Jobs. [6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0]
Share the Love and the Jobs: How to transfer a Job to another Repository with the Job Transferring plugin. [10.0]
Render Time Management: Making effective use of Task timeouts. [9.0]
A Prescription for a Cron-ic Condition: How to run “cron job” commands (Scheduled Jobs) in Deadline. [9.0]
Be Environment Friendly with your Jobs!: How to control the environment that jobs run in. [9.0]
Extra! Extra! Read all about Extra Info!: How to use Deadline’s ExtraInfo fields.
When Will This Job Start Rendering? It Depends…: About Deadline’s dependency system. [7.2, 8.0]
Frame List Formatting Options: Ways of specifying which frames to process. [7.2]

Blastoff With The Launcher: An overview of Deadline Launcher and its features. [8.0]

New! A ‘Find’ Interface for the New Millennium: Deadline’s powerful ‘Find’ interface. [9.0, 10.0]
Why Isn’t My Job Rendering? Let’s Find Out!: How to use the ‘Find Render Candidates…’ feature. [10.0]
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: How to use graphs in Deadline Monitor to view data at a higher level. [6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0]
Recreating the Old Job Monitor: How to customize Monitor to look like the Job Monitor from Deadline 5. [9.0]
Keeping it Together with Job Batches: How to visually group related jobs in Monitor. [8.0]
Death, Taxes, and Render Errors: Investigating Job errors with Monitor. [8.0]
Monitor Options - Styles: Changing Monitor’s colors and fonts.
Monitor Options - User Settings: Notification and authentication settings in Monitor. [8.0]
Monitor Options - Deadline with a View: Using a custom image viewer in Monitor. [8.0]
Tweaks for Better Usability - The Monitor Options: Adjusting Deadline Monitor to your preferences. [8.0]
Interface Customization: Make a Layout Tailored to Your Needs: Creating custom Monitor layouts. [7.2, 8.0]

Scripting - Create a Custom Monitor Submitter: A walk-through of how the SilhouetteFX ™ Monitor submitter was created for Deadline 9.0. [9.0]
Your Code Here: A Brief Outline of Deadline Entry Points: A list of the places you can add your own code to Deadline. [8.0, 9.0]
For Your Consideration… Event Plugins: What Event Plugins are and how to author them.
Plug it in, Plug it in - Creating New Plugins: How to write custom Job plugins. [8.0]
Hello Monitor - An Introduction to Monitor Scripting: Learn how to write Monitor scripts. [7.2, 8.0]
Streamlining Job Submission with Sanity Checks: Adding custom sanity checks to job submissions. [7.2]


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Hi All,

If there is a topic you would like to see covered in a future Deadline Feature Blog posting, feel free to suggest it here. This could be a new topic or more detail on a prior topic.

Also, if you find any errors in the listing at the top of this thread, just send me a private message.


Hey James, … ob-monitor

I was wondering something about this, namely is there a way to get the old drag and drop arbitrary jobs into a panel?

basically because I know we can get fairly granular with filters but not arbitrary jobs unless you use the search field for the regexid’s etc… basically I’m looking for a way to get a custom list of jobs without having to search every job first, hence the drag and drop request… btw, I know we can also move them to a custom batch job as well, but then the entire list is changing for everyone else…

cheers :slight_smile:



Hey Chris,

I think you’ve identified most of the mechanisms. The only other way I can think of is to add a unique keyword to an ExtraInfo field of the desired jobs and then filter on that. I like the drag and drop idea though.