Deadline Feature Request Poll

I thought this might help rather than having a load of posts requesting similar things, and maybe it’ll help get things pushed through quicker.

Not sure if I’m able to update the poll options without wiping it so I’ll test here, please let me know if you’d like to add anything

  • Deadline - Rendering Preview
  • Deadline - GPU Usage column
  • 3ds Max - Corona Export
  • 3ds Max - Redshift Export
  • 3ds Max - Arnold Export
  • 3ds Max - V-Ray & VDenoise Workflow
  • Houdini - 3Delight Export
  • Rhino - V-Ray Export
  • Sketchup - V-Ray Next support
  • VDenoise - Workflow

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balls it doesn’t work, @Justin_B @kavi @zainali is there anyway to make a poll like this but keep the votes when it’s updated or extra items are added?

Going off of this bit of the Discourse docs there’s no way around getting those votes wiped when you edit the poll.

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