Deadline for 3ds Max 2018 - not working



I’m trying to install the Integrated Submitter but the scripts are not running and therefore no integration has occurred. I’ve followed the instructions here:
Submitter Installer

…but no menu options appear when I try to verify. Also I’ve run the macro-script (Deadline3dsMaxClient.mcr) from inside 3ds Max to no effect, either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


If you go to 3dsMax’ main menu, Customize, Customize User Interface, Menus tab, Deadline category, do you see the “Submit Max To Deadline” MacroScript defined by the MCR file you copied via the installer? If you do, you can add it to a Menu or Toolbar manually and see if it opens the Submitter GUI. If you don’t, we will have to dive deeper…

I assume you have installed the Deadline Client on the workstation already?