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Deadline for Houdini19

Need a deadline version for houdini19

Recent Deadlines work fine with Houdini 19. You have to add the executable to Houdini.param, look for Houdini18_5_Hython_Executable and add the same thing for 19.

I need submiter for houdini19 too. We are paying for licenses of deadline software. I think official updates are logical.

I agree with you. Unfortunately support is slow, so we often have to fix stuff ourselves. This is true for many products.

Official updates need to be improved. It would be very appreciated if developers got involved with the beta teams of the major software packages so that updates can be released when the parent software updates, as all the other major plugin developers do. In some pipelines it’s not allowed or desired to make manual changes like this that aren’t officially supported, and with Deadline being a pivotal part of the pipe, this can delay software adoption for extended periods.

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