Deadline frame erors

I am submitting jobs from 3ds max and rendering with RedShift.

I have to workers each assgined to 2 GPUu’s of a total of 4.

The problmes that I encounter are:
frame 0 is rendered correctly.
frame 1 is rendered as the last frame.

Then everything renders normally until of of the workes takes 2 consectuive frames.

When this happnes it renders the previous frame instead of the correct one: (instead of frame 30 it renders frame 29 and writes the output as frame 30).

In the end the rendered output is unusable because of these skipped / wrong frames.

Can someone point to a solution?

Been using Deadline for a while but never encountered this.

This sounds like a problem in Redshift 3.0.21 that was fixed in 3.0.22.

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