Deadline Houdini Plugin for Python 3


2021 is the year DCCs are moving to Python 3. Are there plans to make Python3 compatible versions of the Houdini submitter? It currently has a lot of Python 2 style prints.



We haven’t yet updated to a newer Deadline version, so I don’t know if this was fixed, but they are only a few easy changes, thus it is better to fork it into the custom directory instead of waiting?

That said, I’d be interested to hear whether all plugins have been updated to Python3 in newer Deadlines.

I thought it would be easy too, but quicky i hit lots of issues with files being written with different encoding from python 2 to 3. Its not as straight forward as I hoped. Deadline devs, any word on Python 3?

Yeah subprocesses in Python 3 return byte strings by default. You can specify an encoding in open, however, or simply decode the strings with the correct codec every time. For instance CallDeadlineCommand calls a subprocess.

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