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Deadline + Houdini + V-Ray | Frame Progress


We are currently rendering with V-Ray in Houdini and using Deadline. We have everything working well but have been unable to get individual frame percentages / progress to show up for each frame. I know this is an issue with Redshift as well and have tried the Redshift solutions to no success. Curious if anyone has any tips / experience getting this to work? Not seeing any percentage completion until the frame is done is quite annoying as you have no idea how far into a render a frame has progressed. Cheers!


Thanks for reaching out. Does Redshift not print the progress percentage in its logs? Can you share the example job report with me: Controlling Jobs — Deadline documentation

If it does not (will be confirmed from the job report) print the progress we can edit the plugin to make it print the progress base on something printed in the log. Like when it prints xyz the progress is set to 10% manually.

Hi Zainali, please see attached job report for a V-Ray Houdini job. It appears to just start the job and then eventually finish. Thanks for your help! (3.7 KB)

Hello! Bumping this, still curious how to get frame progress working - especially with Karma (which we may be switching to). Any chance at getting a Karma integration that prints progress to deadline? I know the community would be really stoked to be able to tell how far along the renders are.

Zain was right, there’s nothing in here we could hook into. Deadline does its progress updating by matching printed lines to regex and using that to update the progress of the task.

All that work is happening here:

2023-10-02 18:49:31:  0: STDOUT: [2023/Oct/2|18:49:31] VFH |    Info|   V-Ray: Adaptive light grid built in 128.02 ms.
2023-10-02 18:51:18:  0: STDOUT: [2023/Oct/2|18:51:18] VFH |    Info|   V-Ray: Successfully written image file "C:\Volumes\experiments\Socials_Shotgrid\2_Post\1_VFX\sequences\Motion\MN0070\03_LookDev\renders\houdini\MN0070_LD.v004\MN0070_LD.v004.1050.exr"

Just a 1min 47s jump and the work is done, so we have nothing to check against.

If Karma prints progress we’ll be able to use that to create progress updates, but we can’t comment on the roadmap.

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