Deadline issue with a VPN (NordVPN)


Hi everyone,

I’m trying using Deadline in free license mode, 2 machines.
The installation went fine, everything is working, except when NordVPN is running on my main machine (the one with the repository etc.)

If NordVPN is running, I can launch jobs from this machine, and the second one starts rendering, but the first one (running the VPN) doesn’t.

The only error I get is something like : “3dsmax startup: error connection from 3dsmax : monitored managed process”

Is there something to configure when using a VPN ?



Maybe the issue is the certificate? Because de VPN changes my IP adress over internet?

But, if I’m not wrong, it doesn’t modify my ipv4 local IP ?
And if it is a IP issue, why would the second machine still be able to find the repository and render the jobs?