Deadline Launched But Slave Not Rendering

Hi all, I have been wracking my brain for three days now to get Deadline working on my home network. I have removed User Authentification, opened ports on firewalls and set all file and sharing permissions. FINALLY, I got the render worker to load up without errors when using the Vray DBR Submitter in 3ds Max BUT:

I reserve the servers, I only have 1 slave PC and it shows up. Deadline Monitor also has it waiting. I then hit Start Render to get the ball rolling and to my dismay, the render starts on my primary (host) PC and not on the Slave/Client PC. Monitor says status: Rendering but there is 0% progress while the scene is rendering fine on the host/submitter PC which does not have the Deadline Worker running because I don’t want it to render on the primary PC yet, I want to test the connection.

What gives? What am I missing?

If your scene is relatively small it’ll probably render locally before it gets picked up by the DR, try to render with local rendering disabled, make a simple scene with just a teapot, this should show you if the connection is being made

Are you able to see the other machine? does it show in Deadline and launch? the log files in either Deadline or V-Ray should reveal more, at least if the job is starting.

If Deadline isn’t picking it up then check the render candidates are using the other machine.

If you’ve just installed V-Ray on the other machine make sure to give it a reboot also

Thanks for the reply! I think you nailed it, I was rendering off a very small teapot scene just to test the connection but if you’re saying that a small scene might not even be sent seems to be on the money. I just tried a very large scene and it rendered across just great!

Thanks again!

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