Deadline monitor extremely slow

So Im using deadline with a remote connection to AWS or whatever, the connection is remote.
The repository has around 35196 job and the Monitor is extremely slow, the kind of slow that make you want to cry and throw your pc from a window. I need to wait a couple of seconds for a right click menu to show.

Is there something I could do to make it faster?
When using it from a local connection its a lot better.

If you dont have answer, Im building my own monitor.



My first suggestion would be to reduce the number of jobs you’ve got in the repository. You could use auto archive to automatically clean up jobs that are over a specific date.

You could also go into Performance Settings under ‘Configure Repository Options’ and choose ‘Auto Adjust’. If you increase the number of workers on the farm, the Monitor will make less frequent queries of the workers and repository, which will make it less of a slog to use!

Give those both a try, hopefully we can save you from having to build your own Monitor!

The thing is that is slow when its on remote connection, on local it can handle fine 100.000 jobs.
Maybe the auto refresh feature is causing this

That could be that case. So it sounds like the bottleneck is the network. So you could reduce the number of items that the Monitor needs to track and update by reducing the number of jobs un-archived.

Or you could reduce the frequency with which the monitor prompts for updated information, using the Performance settings.