Deadline Monitor Really slow


I was wondering if you could offer some advice on how to speed up the monitor?

Unfortunately, we have our repository sitting on the servers in another office… in another country. …so it’s fast for that office to load up the monitor and submit jobs etc… and clicking “Modify Job Properties” opens up the panel after about 1 second.

For our office though it takes about 10-11 seconds to open up the “Modify Job properties” panel… I think the only reason it could take this long is if there has to be a lot of data transferred from the repo sitting on the remote servers when clicking this button… so in saying that… is there a way to slim down this transfer of data… or slim down/cleanup the repo database to improve the usage in the remote office…?

When we first installed Deadline about 5 years ago, the responsiveness in our remote office (when clicking “Modify Job Properties”) was about 1-2 seconds and over the years it’s become slower and slower… (it was about 8 seconds last year and now about 11 seconds…)

Thanks :slight_smile:

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