Deadline Nuke relative paths

Has anyone been able to get relative paths working in Nuke+Deadline?

this is where the file path has …/rock/dirt.####.exr, and the project directory has [python {nuke.script_directory()}]

Deadline just errors saying it can’t find the path.

Nuke12. Linux/Mac environment. Deadline Client Version: Release (d9f8db73b)

Hi @gsedon

Is your scene submitted with the job?
If a scene is submitted with the job, then it would be copied over to a new directory (in the Repository) in which case all the paths that are not absolute will fail.

If that’s not the issue, can you tell me if there is any drive mapping in place for these assets? To verify if the mapped drive is accessible try manually accessing the files from Worker nodes.

Thanks @kavi

It fails both with the scene submitted with and without the job.

The drives are mapped and absolute paths render fine. The render nodes both have access to the files.

Please let me know what I should try next.