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Deadline Pulse not restarting mac machine


We are trying to get Pulse working on all the machines in our network. But on some mac machines the restart command given by pulse is not executed. Manually restarting the machine via deadline works great but somehow not with pulse. Other mac’s in our network restart just fine.

I feel that this is a Pulse issue since the restart command works fine using deadline machine commands. In this way it also does not feel like an admin / privileges / rights on the mac issue since the mac lets it self restart using the deadline command.

Does any body know where to start looking or what i’m missing?


It sounds like you’re attempting to run Pulse on all of your systems?

Pulse is an optional mini server application that performs maintenance operations on the farm, and manages more advanced features like Auto Configuration, Power Management and Statistics Gathering. If you choose to run Pulse, it only needs to be running on one machine. Note that Pulse does not play a role in job scheduling, so if you are running Pulse and it goes down, Deadline will still be fully operational (minus the advanced features). Note to build redundancy if Primary Pulse fails in your environment, consider protecting yourself by configuring Pulse Redundancy.

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