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Deadline Rendering farm vs local different outputs

Hi, we’ve been using Deadline for a while in the office for different tasks, but the main one is rendering Maya files with Vray renderer.
We have 2 pools set up for this. One that goes to a farm, that all the business has access to, and a local pool that only my team has access to as they are local machines. They are our workstations basically in the local pool.
We have an issue that, when we submit jobs to the farm through Deadline, they look just like how we want them to look which is exactly the same as in Maya when rendering locally. However, if we submit a job to the local pool of machines, through Deadline, the renders look different. Not too different, but different enough that we can’t use those files.
I originally thought it was how we had the machines set up on the farm against the local ones, but the odd thing is, when we submit renders locally (to the same machines) without using Deadline, they come out just how we want them.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this issue or how to tackle it? We’re on Deadline but we had the same issue in Deadline 10 before updating.

Are the OS, Maya & V-Ray versions exactly the same? Do you have OCIO settings somewhere? Maybe worth checking the environment on both.

I’m not sure what the difference in image is, lighting, material, texture? Do the logs show any missing file reference?

If you render directly on the farm machine does it give the same issue? this then rules out Deadline being the issue and something with configuration on those machines.

Hi, thanks for replying. I’ll list everything below for easier understanding.

Farm has Linux
Local has Windows 10

Maya and V-ray versions are exactly the same all around.

No OCIO settings anywhere.

The difference in the image is as if a rectangular light was disabled, and the dome lights were rotated 1 or 2 degrees. We thought first it could be the axis orientation but because there’s hardly any rotation on the dom lights, that has been ruled out.

The thing that confuses me the most with this, is that rendering through Deadline to the farm is fine, but rendering through Deadline to a pool of local machines is not fine, even if the machine that the job is assigned to is the one the job came from. So it can’t be set up with machines either because the same machine will render differently depending on whether it was rendered locally within Maya, or locally through Deadline. Hopefully that makes sense.

Does Deadline run as the local user on the workstation? do they have any extra env vars set up? Does it run as a service with dedicated service account?

it’ll probably help clarify the issue with an oversimplified scene. Then try render locally on a spare farm workstation, and submit the same job to itself and compare the output.

Hey! So I have been doing more and more tests and still haven’t got anywhere.

Does Deadline run as the local user on the workstation? - yes
do they have any extra env vars set up? - no, only one is the license
Does it run as a service with dedicated service account? - no

I’ve created a very basic scene now and I’ve uploaded the outputs.
Left image has the “Correct output” and has been rendered on the farm, submitting to Deadline.
Right image has the “Incorrect output” and was also submitted to Deadline, but sent to the same local machine, and not the farm.
If I render inside of Maya, I get the “Correct output” as well.

The sphere with the most obvious error is the middle one at the bottom, but the one on the right seems to have disabled some of the displacement, and the one on the left has a very subtle (almost imperceptible) change in the reflection. The top one looks exactly the same.

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I tried it before, the maya from deadeline frame is different with local farm, and i set up an local LINUX farm to testing it. The result is different Arnold ver get the different output, you can builld up an local linux farm for testing.

Ok, so I’ve figure out one way of getting it to work. I don’t fully understand why this happens but basically, if I render on the farm it’s fine using any of the default settings from the Maya to Deadline submitter. However, doing that to a local pool of machines fails to render the correct result.
I noticed that the problem lies on mayaBatch, so unticking the “use mayaBatch plugin” box solved the problem and now everything renders like normal. I need to use MayaCmd.
I’m not sure why mayaBatch has that issue though.

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