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Deadline Repository and MongoDB Atlas

Hi everyone,

We have installed Deadline multiple times for multiple “setups”:slight_smile: But we always used the local MongoDB installation (Deadline installs).

This time we are in need to use an existing DB and it’s on MongoDB Atlas service.
And no matter what we try - we can’t get through:(

After trying many different combinations of providing cluster hostname or shard hostname, etc. etc. we get different errors… form the ones where the installation can’t reach the server to can’t execute the query and to not able to determine the version of the mongodb (attached)

So…many many hours later…headache…blisters on the fingers… we are out of hope:(

But wanted to check if anyone has any experience with the MongoDB Atlas for Deadline Repo?

Thank you in advance!:slight_smile:

Hello @GeekBeard
Thanks for reaching out. I am pretty naive to Atlas myself. Have you posted the queries on Mongo forums if there is such a thing?

Now comes my silly questions, :smiley:

  1. I believe you are trying to connect with Mongo DB through Atlas? What error do you see?
  2. Are you able to connect with the cmd mongo client? like if you run the batch script we ship from [YourDatabaseLocation]\mongo\application\bin\deadline_mongo.bat?
  3. Share the mongo config file here: [YourDatabaseLocation]\mongo\data\config.conf I will try to replicate the setting on Atlas and see if that works for me
  4. What version of Mongo is this?

Hi Zainali,

Not silly questions:)

The situation is a bit different. Let me set the scene:)

  • Clean Ubuntu Server (22.10)
  • Downloaded latest version of the Deadline Repository installer for linux
  • Run the installer
  • for the DB chose MongoDB
  • chose connect to the remote, existing DB (cloud service of MongoDB - Atlas)
  • asked to fill in connection details (hostname, certificate, etc.)

And that’s where things get tough:( There a different details that one can provide to this step in the installer (different hostname of atlas cluster or replicas, different certificate formats, etc…), but no combination moves us forward:(

Atlas runs MongoDB version 5.0.15 (well at least that’s what the web dashboard says)

We are not past the installation step, hence no configs yet:) We have the info that should be in the config but it doesn’t work:)


Ah I see, thanks for sharing the information. I was wrong and mixed up Mongo Compass with Atlas. :frowning:

Mongo DB 5 is not supported for Deadline yet, the last version we support is Mongo 4.4.15 to be specific (we have tested it) and I think any Mongo 4.4.xx should work.
This might be why it is not connecting.

So, interestingly enough - we made it work:) So it connected to the replica in the cluster and populated the collections and after that RCS ran, no issues and jobs were registered, etc.:slight_smile:

You can state you support 5.0+:)

By the way about the version support. 4.4 support end in a year (mongodb). Are there plans to test against version 5? (p.s. we kicked it off so to say…:))

I can go ahead and cut an engineering ticket to add support for it. I will reference test you did. Thanks for sharing and I am very glad it worked :confetti_ball:

I cannot share ETA on when will it happen.

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