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Deadline Submitter for Blender 3.2 (Mac Os) does not work

Hi, as the title says, I cannot get the deadline submitter script to install for Blender 3.x (3.2 in this instance) on Mac Os.

I Get the following error message whilst trying to enable the script in Blender (addon)
Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 16.19.13

I’ve checked elsewhere, and the windows version works, but I am working on an Intel Mac, for my sins, and it’s broken.


Is there something that can be changed in the python script? I’m not particularly familiar with scripting in python, but can hack a file or two when needed…

Hooray for me!!!

I have stumbled across a solution if anyone else needs to use the deadline submitter, just comment out the lines below - add in the hashtag - the following lines that reference what is apparently a now defunct python thingy in Blender (told you I have no clue about coding)

def register():
#if < (3, 20, 0):
# bpy.utils.register_module(name)
# bpy.types.INFO_MT_render.append( deadline_submit_button )
# else:
for cls in classes:

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